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Ed Napleton
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Edward F. Napleton or Ed Napleton is a third-generation auto dealer. He is the president of Napleton Automotive, a Chicago based car dealer. Napleton Automotive employs 2500 people throughout Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia and Wisconsin at over 37 different locations. Ed Napleton started in the automotive industry sweeping floors of his father’s dealership. He quickly worked his way up through multiple positions from technician to sales and finance until he eventually was awarded his own Pontiac dealership.

Now the president of Napleton Automotive, Ed Napleton continues to carry on his family’s philosophy of "treating the customer the way we would want to be treated". Napleton Automotive has grown to 61 different franchises today. Mr. Napleton owns domestic, imports and high line franchises. Five of Ed’s Children currently work in the family business and have their whole lives.

Some fun facts about Ed Napleton:

West Palm Beach Ed Napleton History

Ed Napleton

Mr. Edward W. Napleton's first dealership was a DeSoto franchise.

Third-generation owner Edward F. "Ed" Napleton began his career as a child sweeping dealership floors and moved up through the ranks. At age 23, he was awarded a Pontiac dealership in Blue Island making him the youngest car dealer in the United States...


Eddie Napleton is one of Mr. Napletons Children that currently resides in West Palm Beach and is very involved in the family business.


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